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Projectmate is a platform that connects open-source enthusiasts with repository owners and maintainers looking for contributors. With Projectmate, you can browse through a variety of open-source projects and find one that aligns with your skills.

How to Use ?

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    pick up a project which fits your skills, or add your own project

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What are the Benefits ?

  • sharing knowledge, bulb image with blue lines

    Sharing Knowledge

    By sharing your open-source projects on Projectmate, you can help others learn from your work and contribute to the broader community of developers. This can also help you learn from others, as you may receive feedback and suggestions for improvement from users of your projects.

  • building a reputation, man standing in the spotlight

    Building a reputation

    You can build a reputation as a developer and demonstrate your expertise to potential employers or clients.

  • collaborating with others, people holding each others hands

    Collaborating with others

    Adding your open-source projects on Projectmate can also help facilitate collaboration with other developers. This can allow you to work on larger and more complex projects, and can help you learn from others in the process.

  • Increasing the visibility of your work, people cheering

    Increasing the visibility of your work

    You can increase the visibility of your work and potentially reach a wider audience. This can help you gain recognition and potentially lead to new opportunities.

  • promoting opensource values, opensource symbol (infinity)

    Promoting open-source values

    You can also help promote the values of open-source software, such as transparency, collaboration, and sharing. This can help support the broader open-source community and contribute to the development of new technologies and solutions.

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